Politics, Science and Collaboration
  1. Politics, Science and Collaboration

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    A keynote talk by Robbie Alm, Esq. President of Collaborative Leaders Network at the Joint Fact Finding Conference on March 6, 2014   “Politics, science and collaboration.” If that is the answer on the popular television game show “Jeopardy,” then what is the question? The question is “Name a man‐made disaster; a dangerous set of myths; and […]

  2. Video: Robbie Alms speaks at the State Executive Leadership Program Series

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    Robbie was invited to initiate the State Executive Leadership Program Series, a lecture series designed to bring leadership thoughts and philosophies to senior civil servants in State government. His lecture covers the idea behind great leadership and the attributes of great leaders.

  3. 7 Tips for Building a Movement

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    James Koshiba created this slideshow for a 2013 presentation to a group of marketing professionals. The lessons learned are based on his experiences and observations with Kanu. We think some of the strategies and tips for community movement apply to community collaborations. 7 Tips for Building a Movement

  4. Video: Evolving Collaborative Processes

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    In this short video, Cheryl Soon and Kem Lowry, long time colleagues, discuss the ever‐dynamic and organic nature of collaborative group processes, noting how initial process design might change over time, based on the interests of the group.

  5. Video: Power Dynamics in Collaborative Processes

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    In this video, seasoned facilitators Cheryl Soon and Kem Lowry have a conversation about a number of power dynamics typically found in collaborative processes. They share what they have experienced and learned. Ultimately, they suggest that  power is not something to be avoided or feared. Instead, power dynamics should be embraced.

  6. YouTube: Superheroes Do Consensus

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    The term “consensus” can mean different things to different people. Taking time early in a a collaborative process to ensure participants share the same definition and understanding is often useful. This short (4:36), animated video features an entertaining exchange about consensus between two  “superheroes” by www.consensusdecisionmaking.com.

  7. The Power of Partnership

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    At first glance this publication appears to be a collection of case studies focusing on collaborative domestic violence initiatives in California. However, the publication offers many lessons applicable to other types of collaborative efforts.  The Summary of Findings, Key Characteristics, Elements of Success, Overcoming Challenges, and Resources sections are just a few offerings you may find useful. […]

  8. TED Talks: Tom Wujec

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    In this short (just under seven minutes) video, Tom Wujec discusses how a seemingly simple team building exercise relates to collaborative processes.

  9. Multicultural Collaboration

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    Follow the link below to an article from the Community Toolbox on multicultural collaboration – defined as collaboration between two or more groups or organizations, each comprised of members from different cultural backgrounds and orientations (e.g., Latino, Native American Indian, white) or with goals or missions oriented to populations with differing cultures (e.g., African‐American, Asian‐American). […]

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