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E Komo Mai!


There’s a lot to love about Hawaii.

And a lot to worry about.

Energy. Food. Waste. Education. Transportation. Jobs.

And more. And worse.

Where once people in our island communities gathered to discuss, deliberate, and solve tough issues, we seem to have forgotten how to work together. Our debates are raucous, our meetings are fatiguing, the public mood seems angrier and uglier … and all while our problems intensify.

Hawaii’s most vexing challenges are those that cut across sectors—public/private/community—and defy solutions when dealt with in fragmented ways. That’s exactly why we need to approach complex problems from a cross-sector perspective. Collaborative leaders know that the way to produce lasting change is to engage people who have a mutual stake in the outcome to search for solutions that promise collective benefit.

Solving big problems has to be a team sport. And that’s where you come in.

Collaborative leaders understand that large-scale system changes require input and support from many sectors.

The call for a new way of working together is beginning to resonate with leaders in business and government and with influential members of the public who are increasingly tired of business-as-usual. A community of practitioners is emerging in Hawaii to undertake new and different – and more effective – approaches to our current decision-making methods.

This site is dedicated to encouraging each of us to take a more inclusive and durable approach to convening and facilitating cross-sector processes for resolving Hawaii’s most stubborn challenges.

The ideas you’ll find within these pages were mined from the individual and collective experiences of the Collaborative Leaders Network. We invite you to add to the wisdom you find here by applying it to the challenges you face, sharing your insights with us, and becoming part of the Network.

E komo mai!

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