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The Collaborative Leaders Network (CLN) is made up of leaders and practitioners who believe that we have to approach Hawaii’s problems differently, and that collaborative methods offer the promise of real and lasting change. CLN is the culmination of foundational work by the Cross-Sector Collaboration (CSC) Study Group, which the Omidyar family convened in order to study and share diverse approaches.

The six-member CSC Study Group took the time to analyze complex, multi-party collaborations that have taken place in Hawaii and mine their own practices for methods and insights that could be useful to others. The individual strategy maps they developed are posted here as a springboard for encouraging and advancing the application of collaborative leadership in our state.

The Network is yours and its value is multiplied by your participation.

Meet the Team Behind
the Strategies

About Us

  1. E Komo Mai!

    There’s a lot to love about Hawaii. And a lot to worry about. Energy. Food. Waste. Education. Transportation. Jobs.

    And more. And worse.

    Where once people in our island communities gathered to discuss, deliberate, and solve tough issues, we seem to have forgotten how to work together.

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  2. The Island Way

    Our host culture provides a model for practices and beliefs that have allowed people to live and thrive in island communities. In their relationship to the land, to one another, and to the surrounding world, island people see life differently.

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  3. The Story of CLN

    This project was inspired by concerns that were expressed by community members, business leaders, and policy makers about the intractable nature of Hawaii’s toughest problems. As they saw it, the greatest potential for improving the status quo was to involve stakeholders from multiple sectors in well-managed deliberations to create lasting change.

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  4. A Better Way

    The Collaborative Leaders Network exists to help leaders in our diverse community who are willing to work together to resolve complex issues in a different and durable way. Real, lasting change—where everyone ends up better off—comes from engaging in authentic, well-managed conversations with people who see things differently.

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  5. About Creative Commons

    The Collaborative Leaders Network was formed in the spirit of sharing and advancing knowledge in order to improve the quality of life in Hawaii. Find out more about Creative Commons and how you can use it to spread your own work.

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  6. Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the mission of Collaborative Leaders Network? What kind of content can I find on the CLN website? Why should I join CLN? Find out answers to these questions and more.

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