Hawaii Needs Collaborative Leaders

More than ever, Hawaii needs strong leaders committed to solving tough problems. On these pages you will find strategies, examples, resources, and ideas for tackling complicated challenges.

We’re making this knowledge available to help current leaders become collaborative leaders  in the context of their own businesses, organizations, and communities.  Collaborative processes rely on the vision and direction of leaders who understand that large-scale system changes require cross-sector problem solving.

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Ourselves Up to Fail?


  1. What is a Convener?

    Leaders in organizations and communities can play a vital role in the collaborative leadership process. The title “leader” is used here to refer to those who are in a position to make choices and recommendations about whether to use a facilitative process … in which case, their role is as a convener.

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  2. Should We Be Using a Facilitator?

    Situations that call for a collaborative leadership process can be complicated, sensitive, and unwieldy. Sometimes, an expert facilitator can make the difference between success and failure. Understanding what roles a facilitator can play and when one is needed will better prepare you for your next challenge.

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  3. Convener’s Checklist

    The convener plays a pivotal role in any collaborative process. This checklist serves as a guide for what is typically needed by the convener to launch and carry out a collaborative leadership effort. The steps can be tailored to suit the specific needs of any given collaboration.

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  4. Common Mistakes

    Are we setting ourselves up for failure? Review the common mistakes to increase your chances of success.

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