Collaborative Strategies Drive Results

Here is a collection of strategies that rely on collaborative leadership. They represent a range of possible approaches to problem solving, as there is not a single or best way to deal with multi-dimensional challenges like those we face in Hawaii. A detailed description of each strategy offers practitioners the opportunity to understand how other facilitators work … not to replicate, but to learn from and build on in their own practices.

We share these strategies with the hope that others will be inspired to add to the knowledge base and increase the capacity for collaborative leadership in our community.

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Strategy Best
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  1. Community Transformation

    This strategy enables groups to meet their stated objectives in a way that also strengthens the people in them, so they can build on the collaborative experience and bring about lasting change in their communities.

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  2. Collaborative Problem Solving

    This strategy systematically builds toward consensus by having participants analyze the issue, hear from experts, generate and evaluate options, review draft documents, and revisit group agreements at every stage.

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  3. A Collaboration Incubator

    The intention of this strategy is to successfully launch collaborative initiatives that will help Kauai resolve some of its challenges and find a permanent home for each of the projects that is incubated.

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