Critical success factors for Community Transformation



  • Pay attention to individual participant strengths, interests, needs, and thresholds that will optimize their participation throughout the process.
  • Work through possible “deal breakers” for various participants in order to maintain group momentum toward goals.
  • Find the best balance between the needs, interests, and tolerances of individuals with those of the group as a whole.
  • Adjust the design process throughout to incorporate the group’s goals and desired results.
  • Watch for the evolving status of relationships between participants throughout the process.
  • Create environments that manage/reduce confrontation or other sources of participant discomfort.
  • Acknowledge that the group’s needs are primary and manage facilitator’s influence and ego accordingly.
  • Create opportunities to adjust the process over time to encourage the transfer of leadership from the facilitator to the group participants.
  • Help individual participants “save face” by periodically checking in with them and providing discrete coaching or feedback as appropriate.
  • Maintain focus on the needs of various participants and support them throughout the process.

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