Mediating long-term and short-term views


One common difference is in perspective between those with long-term views/goals and those with short-term views/goals. If this is the case, the path most likely to achieve success is to get the people with the long-term view to accept the validity of the short-term view as well.

It’s usually easier for people with a short-term view to accept a long-term perspective, because they just view the long-term remedies as “add-ons” to their views. Presumably, these add-ons won’t disturb the short-term view as long as the short-term needs are being addressed.

However, people with long-term views have a more difficult time accepting the validity of short-term remedies, which they perceive as substitutes rather than additional elements of a package. Short-term remedies often involve financial payments to individuals or groups of individuals, and are seen as selfish, and for personal benefit. Long-term remedies, by contrast, tend to be strategic and/or environmental. The implementation takes much longer, and the impacts take longer to be seen. In this case, the benefits accrue to the entire community and not to specific individuals.

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