Providing closure


The closure activity during the final meeting provides opportunities for participants to:

  • consolidate their learning
  • note their most important lesson or memorable experience
  • reinforce the confidence they have gained in themselves
  • validate the strength and power of the relationships they have cultivated through this process
  • honor the group’s efforts, courage, and accomplishments, and appreciate everyone’s investment of time
  • reflect on the group’s aspirations for advancing the work its members just completed

Closing statements from the facilitator offer an opportunity to:

  • praise and celebrate the group’s accomplishments and the effort it took to achieve them
  • share a few personal feelings (and identify them as such)
  • formally end his/her engagement

Closing statements from the convener may include:

  • information about funding for specific, follow-on activities
  • an explanation of additional resources and possible roles for the current participants
  • a status update regarding the convener’s continued support or disengagement from the project

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