Building Shared Understanding Through System Mapping


As part of recent efforts to improve the quality of outcomes for Hawaii’s youngest children, Scott Spann was contracted by Collaborative Leaders Network to lead a diverse group of 80+ public and private stakeholders through a system mapping process. This collaborative process was designed to build both shared reality and shared understanding among the stakeholders, enabling them to collaborate and agree upon common priorities. These priorities shaped a statewide strategy for early childhood over the next 3–5 years. In the two-part piece below, Scott walks through the process undertaken to lead the group through the system mapping effort.

Part 1

Part 2

For the latest updates on the Early Childhood Action Strategy “Taking Action for Hawaii’s Children” (and to read the full document), please visit the Executive Office on Early Learning.

For additional information, please contact Jeff Mohr or Scott Spann.

Scott Spann is the Founder of Innate Strategies, a Sausalito-based firm that draws on emerging developments in systems thinking, chaos and complexity theory, and individual and group behavior to work with leaders to create fundamentally simple strategies and solutions for bringing innate human drives and abilities to bear on complex business and social opportunities.

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