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The Idea Bank is a place for sharing ideas and resources that will enhance and advance the use of collaborative practices in Hawaii.

Members of the Collaborative Leaders Network are invited to post in any of the categories below. If you are not yet a member and would like to contribute your ideas, please join CLN.

Thoughts on the Collaborative Process – A place to discuss the collaborative process from the practitioner’s point of view. Best practices, useful techniques, and methods for overcoming obstacles are among the items discussed.

Convener’s Corner – A place to discuss the role of the leader as convener. Tips for conveners, guidelines for finding practitioners, and checklists for conveners are among the items discussed.

Ripe for Collaboration – A place to register issues that could benefit from a collaborative process. Post your ideas for areas in need of more collaborative methods and use the power of the Collaborative Leaders Network to help make things happen.

Help Wanted — Have a project that needs a practitioner? Looking for a meeting location? Want advice on the best techniques for brainstorming? Post the specific items you need help with and look for valuable advice from the Collaborative Leaders Network.

Resources – Recommended books, articles, websites, sample forms and documents, as well as a listing of workshops and classes are posted here.

Ideal posts are clear and brief (split into two if more than 500 words). We encourage you to submit an accompanying photo or video. If you see a post that you appreciate, click the “Recommend” button. Those posts that have been recommended most frequently will be highlighted on the site.

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