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Peter S. Adler, Ph.D. is a principal of Accord 3.0, a consulting organization that provides strategic consulting services to engage in complex, multi-party problem-solving to tackle difficult problems in areas such as partnership development, facilitation, planning, training, conflict assessment, and management strategies. Peter recently returned to Hawaii after serving as President of The Keystone Center for nearly a decade.

Peter’s specialty is multi-party dialogue, negotiation, and problem solving. He has worked extensively on land and water quality issues for businesses, government agencies, and civic organizations. Peter also mediates, writes, and teaches in diverse areas of conflict management.

Prior to his appointment at Keystone, Peter held executive positions with the Hawaii Justice Foundation, the Hawaii Supreme Court’s Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution, and the Neighborhood Justice Center.

He has written extensively in the field of mediation and conflict resolution, including Eye of the Storm Leadership (RIS Publications, 2008), Managing Scientific & Technical Information in Environmental Cases (1999), Building Trust (National Policy Consensus Center, 2002), Beyond Paradise (Ox Bow Press, 1993), and numerous other articles and monographs.

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