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Diane Zachary


Diane Zachary is President and CEO of Kauai Planning & Action Alliance (KPAA), a nonprofit organization that serves as a neutral convener and facilitator, bringing groups together to create solutions to major community challenges on Kauai.  KPAA projects include developing the Kauai Energy Sustainability Plan, planning for improvements to the Kalalau Trail, exploring smart growth policies for Kauai, developing shelter options for the homeless, and publishing a bi-annual community indicators report.

Prior to her KPAA position, Diane was President and CEO of the Maui Pacific Center, where she organized seven international conferences for Pacific island governments on sustainable resource management and private sector development.  She was also instrumental in planning an international conference on climate change, a conference on smart growth for Maui, and a national conference showcasing Hawaii’s digital arts. Diane serves on the board of the Kauai Public Land Trust, Waioli Corporation, and Kauai Workforce Investment Board.

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