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Guidelines for the Idea Bank

The Idea Bank is a place for sharing ideas and resources that will enhance and advance the use of collaborative practices in Hawaii.

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  1. Facilitators' Credo

    A Credo for Facilitators was put together by Peter Adler, John Barkai, Donna Ching, Dolores Foley, Holly Henderson, Kem Lowry, Tom Mitrano, and Jane Yamashiro in 1998. The statement grew out of a series of discussions about the use and occasional abuse of “facilitation” in the public, private, and civic sectors. The authors encourage readers to […]

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  2. Collective Impact

    Large-scale social change requires broad cross-sector coordination, yet the social sector remains focused on the isolated intervention of individual organizations. For more on this topic, visit the Stanford Social Innovation Review.

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  3. Impacts of Cultural Differences and Diversity

    Understanding how cultural differences manifest themselves is crucial. While an individual’s nationality does not necessarily determine the attitudes and behavior they bring to a gathering, it can provide valuable guidance on facilitation strategies likely to be more successful over others. 

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  4. Building Trust

    20 things you can do to help environmental stakeholder groups talk more effectively about science, culture, professional knowledge and community wisdom. By Peter S. Adler and Juliana E. Birkhoff, Ph.D. Click here to view the PDF.

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  5. A Case Study: Participatory Budgeting in Chicago

    Posted with permission by Groundwork Chicago’s 49th Ward is better known as Rogers Park. It’s a neighborhood of middle-class houses and apartment buildings, home to Loyola University. It’s known for diversity and an affordable, laid-back kind of cool. But the 49th has a new claim to fame: In 2009, the ward’s alderman, Joe Moore, became the first elected […]

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